Makeup Myths

There are so many myths surrounding makeup. I wanted to put this article together to debunk some of the common myths about makeup.

Apply Pre-lipstick Liner before your lipstick

If you have ever used a Pre-lipstick liner you know that your liner can leave an outline around your lips after your lipstick has worn off. Pre-lipstick liner is great to create defined looking lips and prevent your lipstick from feathering but can leave behind that long-lasting outline. To avoid this outline you should apply your lipstick first and then apply liner to define your lips.

Apply bronzer to your whole face to get that beach tan look

Please. Dont. Do. It. Unless you want to look like you are permanently face swapped, please avoid using bronzer on your whole face. When you bronze your whole face, you create that line separating your face from your neck. If you want a more natural looking glow apply your bronzer over parts of your face that the sun naturally affects.

If it is natural it is safe for me

Just because your product is natural doesnt mean that you may not have an allergy to it. Many people have allergies to products that are 100% natural, just like people who have allergies to natural foods. If you experience any discomfort from a beauty product contact your dermatologist. Your dermatologist after examining your skin, should be able to find if you have any allergies related to a certain product. You may need product specific to your skin from your dermatologist, rather than an all-natural product on the market.

You dont need sunscreen if your wearing SPF rated foundation

SPF rated foundation is great for day to day protection, but if you are going out for a while in the sun this just isnt enough. Makeup alone is just not strong enough to protect your skin from the sun. If you are going out in the sun for a long period of time it is a good idea to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is a great base for makeup application, so applying this before your makeup provides great protection and a great base.

Using lip plumpers will give you full lips

Lip plumpers are used by many to get the pouty lip look, but lip plumpers arent all that they seem to be. Lip plumpers are designed to provoke your lips with ingredients like menthol and pepper. When your lips become irritated they swell up and give the pouty lip look that is temporary. Lip plumpers can also be harmful to you. If you are looking for full luscious looking lips use a good lipstick and liner.

The more expensive the product the better the results

This is a common idea that many women have. Many women believe that the reason a product is priced more is because it delivers better results and is more effective. This actually isnt the case, many of the ingredients in anti-aging skin care products are the same or very similar. Before you purchase a product do your research, look at the results, ingredients, and check to see if you have any allergies to the product.