Enhancing Your Beauty

We all are beautiful; here are some tips for making our best natural features stand out.

We are all born looking different in size, shape and colour. And most of all we all have our own beautiful and unique features. Natural long eyelashes, beauty spots, full lips, high cheekbones and so the list could go on. So instead of covering up your million-dollar feature, it’s time to enhance it and let that natural beauty shine.

Bring out your eyes

Our eyes are our best asset to help radiate beauty. These are the doorway to your soul, so they should always be kept sparkling, especially if you have an outstanding and different eye colour.

Use colours that will highlight your eyes, and also use eyeliner to really get into the curve and shape your eye. Great colours to use if you have brown eyes are greens, rich golds and metallic bronzes. Blue eyes work best with blues and browns; they work well when mixed together for a really noticeable effect. Hazel eyes look good with a soft gold colour, dark greens or violets. And lastly, if you have green eyes you should opt for violets and pinks, or even golden browns.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has natural long eyelashes then now is the time to enhance, enhance, enhance. Get out the mascara and extend those eyelashes even more. Flaunt it; every women would die to have natural long eyelashes, so then we could throw out the fakes.. For some with naturally long eyelashes, all you need is a curling eyelash wand to really extend them; mascaras may not be needed.

If you have sparse lashes, look into eyelash extensions. They make the eyes look bigger.

Accentuate full lips

If you have those Angelina Jolie lips we all dream to have then pucker up, princess. It’s time to let them shine. A great look to help your luscious lips stand out is a bright lipstick. Hot pink, flaming red or even a blood orange are all in this season and its a perfect way for your best asset to stand out. Even just a clear shiny lip gloss can do the trick.

Another little tip is, for those gorgeous, kissable looking lips, keep that smile bright. Regular tooth brushing and even a tooth whitener are a great step to help enhance your lips.

Define prominent cheekbones

Some are lucky enough to have beautiful high cheeks bones, while others spend hours in the mirror trying to plaster makeup on so we can create the illusion that we do. So enhance away if you have great bone structure; highlighting your high cheekbones is a great way to achieving a glam look. Lightly use the contour under your cheeks with a light bronze blusher and after pat a some gold blush on the top of your cheekbones. This not only looks amazing, but is a great result with minimal effort.

Beauty spots

Just because you may not have a beauty spot on your face doesnt mean you’re not beautiful. Anyone can draw a small one on their face with an eyebrow pencil, but for those of you who have one, stop covering it with all that foundation and let it be seen. If it is only a light colour then by all means dab some eyebrow pencil on it to make it stand out.

Making the best of your beauty assets is one of the most effective ways to create an improved appearance. People should realize that even if these beauty assets were Gods gift to humanity, especially to women, they would lose their purpose if people didnt learn how to make the most them.