Makeup Myths

If you experience any discomfort from a Your dermatologist after examining your skin, should be able to find if you have any allergies related to a certain product. You may need product specific to your skin from your dermatologist, rather than an all-natural product on the market.

You dont need sunscreen if your wearing SPF rated foundation

SPF rated foundation is great for day to day protection, but if you are going out for a while in the sun this just isnt enough. Makeup alone is just not strong enough to protect your skin from the sun. If you are going out in the sun for a long period of time it is a good idea to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is a great base for makeup application, so applying this before your makeup provides great protection and a great base.

Using lip plumpers will give you full lips

Lip plumpers are used by many to get the pouty lip look, but lip plumpers arent all that they seem to be. Lip plumpers are designed to provoke your lips with ingredients like menthol and pepper. When your lips become irritated they swell up and give the pouty lip look that is temporary. Lip plumpers can also be harmful to you. If you are looking for full luscious looking lips use a good lipstick and liner.

The more expensive the product the better the results

This is a common idea that many women have. Many women believe that the reason a product is priced more is because it delivers better results and is more effective. This actually isnt the case, many of the ingredients in anti-aging skin care products are the same or very similar. Before you purchase a product do your research, look at the results, ingredients, and check to see if you have any allergies to the product.

Wrinkle Treatments – What Are Your Options?

Botox is a chemical that is inserted in the skin with a needle; it is approved by the FDA, but caution still might be advisable. Botox is popular with men and women as it does work great on deep wrinkles like frown lines and on the forehead.

Collagen Injections: Collagen is a substance that is injected to fill in the wrinkles and fine lines. It is a temporary solution that is often done to enhance the lip shape as well. The collagen that is used in this treatment is usually made from cow or human collagen. This procedure does require an allergy test because some people are allergic to the injections.

Remember to follow all the treatment advice from the medical providers. Not following the proper care after a medical procedure can cause future damage and hinder the expected results.

Enhancing Your Beauty

If you have sparse lashes, look into eyelash extensions. They make the eyes look bigger.

Accentuate full lips

If you have those Angelina Jolie lips we all dream to have then pucker up, princess. It's time to let them shine. A great look to help your luscious lips stand out is a bright lipstick. Hot pink, flaming red or even a blood orange are all in this season and its a perfect way for your best asset to stand out. Even just a clear shiny lip gloss can do the trick.

Another little tip is, for those gorgeous, kissable looking lips, keep that smile bright. Regular tooth brushing and even a tooth whitener are a great step to help enhance your lips.

Define prominent cheekbones

Some are lucky enough to have beautiful high cheeks bones, while others spend hours in the mirror trying to plaster makeup on so we can create the illusion that we do. So enhance away if you have great bone structure; highlighting your high cheekbones is a great way to achieving a glam look. Lightly use the contour under your cheeks with a light bronze blusher and after pat a some gold blush on the top of your cheekbones. This not only looks amazing, but is a great result with minimal effort.

Beauty spots

Just because you may not have a beauty spot on your face doesnt mean you're not beautiful. Anyone can draw a small one on their face with an eyebrow pencil, but for those of you who have one, stop covering it with all that foundation and let it be seen. If it is only a light colour then by all means dab some eyebrow pencil on it to make it stand out.

Making the best of your beauty assets is one of the most effective ways to create an improved appearance. People should realize that even if these beauty assets were Gods gift to humanity, especially to women, they would lose their purpose if people didnt learn how to make the most them.