Wrinkle Treatments – What Are Your Options?

With the rise in over-the-counter wrinkle treatments, making the decision to go to the doctor for a medical wrinkle treatment has become a little more difficult. However, even though the over -he-counter products offer great results, they cannot compare to what the medical industry can do.

Many anti-wrinkle treatments are available through doctors’ offices. Before deciding to get a medical procedure, make sure to do as much research as possible. Double-check the pros and cons of the procedure as well as the certification and experience of the doctor. Make sure the doctor is board-certified and has the experience necessary to do the procedure.

Some of the most popular medical anti-aging treatments are microdermabrasion, chemical peel, botox and collagen injections.

Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment that can be purchased in a home kit to do at home. However, the procedure originated in a medical office. Having microdermabrasion done in a medical office will give better results than a home kit. Aluminum oxide crystals are used to sand the layer of the skin away using a vacuum suction tool. Dermabrasion is a similar treatment that removes more of the skin layer and therefore offers better results. Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion can be used for acne, acne scars, minor facial scars and wrinkles.

Chemical Peel: Chemical peel is another treatment that now has become available with an at-home product, but again the results achieved in the medical office are unbeatable. An acid is used to burn the skin away, causing new skin to form in its place. Chemical peels are used for wrinkles as well as age spots and skin discoloration. Skin will be red and irritated for a while, so plan accordingly with this procedure.

Botox: Botox is a series of injections to prevent the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles and lines to form. Botox is a chemical that is inserted in the skin with a needle; it is approved by the FDA, but caution still might be advisable. Botox is popular with men and women as it does work great on deep wrinkles like frown lines and on the forehead.

Collagen Injections: Collagen is a substance that is injected to fill in the wrinkles and fine lines. It is a temporary solution that is often done to enhance the lip shape as well. The collagen that is used in this treatment is usually made from cow or human collagen. This procedure does require an allergy test because some people are allergic to the injections.

Remember to follow all the treatment advice from the medical providers. Not following the proper care after a medical procedure can cause future damage and hinder the expected results.

Enhancing Your Beauty

We all are beautiful; here are some tips for making our best natural features stand out.

We are all born looking different in size, shape and colour. And most of all we all have our own beautiful and unique features. Natural long eyelashes, beauty spots, full lips, high cheekbones and so the list could go on. So instead of covering up your million-dollar feature, it’s time to enhance it and let that natural beauty shine.

Bring out your eyes

Our eyes are our best asset to help radiate beauty. These are the doorway to your soul, so they should always be kept sparkling, especially if you have an outstanding and different eye colour.

Use colours that will highlight your eyes, and also use eyeliner to really get into the curve and shape your eye. Great colours to use if you have brown eyes are greens, rich golds and metallic bronzes. Blue eyes work best with blues and browns; they work well when mixed together for a really noticeable effect. Hazel eyes look good with a soft gold colour, dark greens or violets. And lastly, if you have green eyes you should opt for violets and pinks, or even golden browns.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has natural long eyelashes then now is the time to enhance, enhance, enhance. Get out the mascara and extend those eyelashes even more. Flaunt it; every women would die to have natural long eyelashes, so then we could throw out the fakes.. For some with naturally long eyelashes, all you need is a curling eyelash wand to really extend them; mascaras may not be needed.

If you have sparse lashes, look into eyelash extensions. They make the eyes look bigger.

Accentuate full lips

If you have those Angelina Jolie lips we all dream to have then pucker up, princess. It’s time to let them shine. A great look to help your luscious lips stand out is a bright lipstick. Hot pink, flaming red or even a blood orange are all in this season and its a perfect way for your best asset to stand out. Even just a clear shiny lip gloss can do the trick.

Another little tip is, for those gorgeous, kissable looking lips, keep that smile bright. Regular tooth brushing and even a tooth whitener are a great step to help enhance your lips.

Define prominent cheekbones

Some are lucky enough to have beautiful high cheeks bones, while others spend hours in the mirror trying to plaster makeup on so we can create the illusion that we do. So enhance away if you have great bone structure; highlighting your high cheekbones is a great way to achieving a glam look. Lightly use the contour under your cheeks with a light bronze blusher and after pat a some gold blush on the top of your cheekbones. This not only looks amazing, but is a great result with minimal effort.

Beauty spots

Just because you may not have a beauty spot on your face doesnt mean you’re not beautiful. Anyone can draw a small one on their face with an eyebrow pencil, but for those of you who have one, stop covering it with all that foundation and let it be seen. If it is only a light colour then by all means dab some eyebrow pencil on it to make it stand out.

Making the best of your beauty assets is one of the most effective ways to create an improved appearance. People should realize that even if these beauty assets were Gods gift to humanity, especially to women, they would lose their purpose if people didnt learn how to make the most them.

Choosing The Best Wedding Dresses In Richmond

Shopping for designer wedding dresses can be stressful and really, does a bride need more things to worry about? Of course not! In this guide, well provide you with all the basics you need to know when it comes to choosing the right dress for yourself. From the fitting to making the final selection, we have you covered.

Shall we get started?

Setting an appointment.

For this, always set aside half of your day. A typical salon appointment will take about an hour and a half so if you are planning to visit more than one, then give yourself enough time to travel from one place to another. Make sure that you also rest in between. If you can, always go during the early morning, instead of booking appointments late in the afternoon.

Make a checklist.

Prepare this at least a few days prior to your appointment. List down all of the things youre looking for in a dress. The style, shape, overall feel (is it Vintage? Romantic? Bohemian?) and attitude. These are all key information that a consultant can use to pick out some of the best wedding dresses Richmond that best suit the criteria. You can even send the checklist in advance so that they can get things ready ahead of time. This should make everything run more smoothly as well.

Bring a friend or two along.

These people can provide you with a second and third opinion on any dress that may catch your fancy. Avoid bringing one too many people lest you overwhelm yourself with all their opinions.

Always keep an open mind.

Yes, you have a set idea when it comes to the kind of dress you want. Every bride has a dream dress, but not all of them will find it. In certain cases, you may have to settle to one, which may not be what you were looking for, but perfectly suits your body shape. Talk to your consultant and let them choose things for you, dresses that might not have caught your eye on the rack, but look really beautiful when put on. Never judge a wedding dress until you have tried it on, do keep this in mind.

Set a budget for yourself and try to stick to it.

Designer wedding dresses are certainly not the most affordable, but you can definitely find reasonably priced ones out there. Discuss this with your consultant and they should be able to help you outjust remember that any alterations and changes you may want to make on the dress will cost you extra.

Lastly, choose the dress you feel most beautiful in.

There are no rules when it comes to choosing wedding dresses and this is but a guideline to help you find the best one for your needs and preferences. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how comfortable you are with your selection.

So there you have it, some tips when it comes to finding the best wedding dresses Richmond. Good luck!

Tattoos for Women

Tattoos were previously only used by men but nowadays women have embraced them and they have become a trending fashion for most ladies. Tattoos have meanings or represent some very important moments on one’s life. The spot where the tattoo is placed also has a symbolic meaning.  A good artist with proper knowledge and artistic styles should be consulted to perform the procedure.

It has become trending topic for women to get tattoos. Women like to wear sexy outfits and there is now a way to make them to be more confident in their skin by getting a particular style of tattoo. A lot of women are obsessed with the body art or thinking to get her first tattoo. Besides connection to fashion, beauty, there are more reasons why women love tattoos.


Women may get tattoos for creating memories they don’t want to forget. In the course of one’s life, there are things or significant point deserving memory and representation. She may get her son’s birthday tattooed on her wrist, lover’s name on her chest or a lot of options about things of symbolization. So ask what you love and what could best represent yourself. Besides symbolic meanings, there are other factors you may take consideration to start your tattoo – placement, artistic styles and what is the most important to find out a good artist or studio.

Sourced from: http://www.cuded.com/2014/02/55-tattoos-for-women/

Tattoos for women are usually smaller and cuter compared to the male tattoos because of the body shape and size of women. This is not a general rule because it is a personal choice and therefore the woman can decide to get a large tattoo. Women also prefer their tattoos to be less assertive and light weight because most women consider delicate things and less aggressive.

Many women are physically smaller and more delicately built than men and in general. Tattoos for women are generally smaller and prettier than male tattoos because we consider smaller, more delicate things more feminine

That doesn’t mean that there are no women with large tattoos, but usually feminine tattoos are more likely to be isolated in one or two areas of the body – as accent pieces, so to speak.

Women’s tattoo designs are also less heavy, less aggressive looking compared to men’s tattoos. They tend to have thinner lines, though this is a generalization rather than a rule.

Sourced from: http://www.freetattoodesigns.org/feminine-tattoos.html

A tattoo is a permanent marker therefore, the placement of the tattoo is important. A wrist tattoo is a good place to have small cute designs or words. This spot can also be hidden by wearing bracelets or a watch. It does not pose worries to your career or life after.

To begin the list of the best places to get tattoos, we have the wrist placement.

This is a great placement because it is said to be low on the pain scale, it’s good space for smaller tattoos or words, and can also be hidden for work.

Stack on a couple bracelets or a watch and voila!

Depending on the size of your tattoo, and depending on your body, it will heal rather quickly.

Sourced from: http://lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com/best-places-for-women-to-get-tattoos

Ankle tattoos are also commonly done on women. They are attractive and enhance the general look of a lady. They are particularly pronounced when wearing a short dress and high heels. They are a confidence builder because the make a lady feel more comfortable and sexy. Ankle tattoos are generally small and the pain is also minimal. They heal fast provided you take good care of them.

One of the most loved tattoo designs for women are the dainty ankle tattoos, which can be flaunted around and used to attract attention of the opposite sex. When you think of ankle tattoos, they are all about the chic and elegant and make you look and feel sexy. These tattoos look particularly sexy when the women wear a short dress with high heels and are sure to catch the eye of every man in the gathering. The ankle tattoos are small in size, yet they gather attention like anything. They are designed in a manner which is delicate and feature soft lines, rather than bold ones as they can make the tattoo look masculine rather than feminine. In fact, ankle tattoos play a great role in setting a woman apart in a crowded place. The pain factor and price paid for getting such a cute and attractive tattoo become very small and insignificant things, when you weigh these factors against the amount of attention you can get on the basis of these tattoos.

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